Flip Flops



We accept following payment terms:

Bankdetails for banktransfer: Cassa Rurale Alto Garda - IT78 Q080 1635 1020 0001 6336 905 - nominee Shaka Surf Srl.
Please always evidence the product description and the exact amount of the money transfer.

Shaka Surf srl sends packages all over Europe.
Prices of the shipment are in charge of the customer.
Every country charges differently and therefor it’s not possible for us to offer one fix price.
Shipment costs will be calculated singularly and can vary from different countries.

If the product we’ve send doesn’t satisfy your expectations, you can change it for any other product. Changes should be made within 14 days after purchase.
Only in case of a damaged product we offer a money refund.
In case of returns, please contact us first, we will guide you how to proceed.
Our address for returning goods:

Via Matteotti 69
38069 TORBOLE (TN)

Cost of returning:
In case you decide to return the goods, shipment costs are in charge of the customer. We recommend you to inform well about the most convenient shipment costs at your local courier services. We can organize a return service, but note that all costs are in charge of the customer.
We don’t accept returns, in case shipment is not paid for. Money refund of shipment costs are only acknowledged in case we committed an error or the product has a defect or has been damaged during the shipment.